shutterstock_47077366As nowadays a large number of individuals work from home either as salespeople or as part of an arrangement with their businesses, there’s a growing need for home office design ideas and alternatives. All the more so, because in most families, house office plays a vast array of functions. If you work from home or perhaps just sometimes telecommute, it is your place for business, but on other events and for different members of your family it is also a spare bedroom, a dining area, a place to store files, or somewhere to play computer games or do homework for children.

Engineered or solid wood flooring?

That is why before choosing a floor, you should consider the numerous functions the given interior is to be used for. No matter whether the room is going to be used exclusively for work, or for different purposes too, both engineered and solid hardwood flooring will be a great alternative.

When making a determination which should clearly be well-thought-out you need to think about these questions as the positioning of your workplace, the anticipated wear and tear and the impact which you want to attain. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring can assist you in making the interior look great, inspiring and original, but in the same time practical.

Location of the office

The decision which course to follow when picking between both wood flooring choice is based on the location of the office, but also the subfloor in the given room. If you are converting an attic space in your office, engineered hardwood flooring would be a wise choice, due to high temperature fluctuations in loft spaces.

The same is applicable to adapting a basement for these purpose, due to usually large humidity. This is the reason why it’s preferable to select engineered timber flooring, which is more resistant to moisture compared to solid timber. In other areas, both engineered and solid hardwood floors will generally do the job equally well.

What timber species shall I choose?

The next stage of the decision-making procedure includes the choice of those species of shutterstock_1156380481wood. The primary variable here is just your taste and the final effect which you want to attain. If you’re more traditional, you’ll most likely be fond of oak flooring, which will never become passé.

But those seeking a very contemporary designer appearance may want to go for among more stylish options, such as strong black walnut, natural engineered walnut, or engineered oak with white and brushed oiled finish. You can be as creative as it gets and pick an option which will best suit your personality and the personality of your own flat.

What wood flooring finish if I choose?

After that, consider the finish for the timber flooring into your home office. The major consideration here is the anticipated amount of visitors. In the event the office is dedicated to work-related purposes only, then you can safely choose the finish according to your preferences. But, if you are anticipating heavy footfall on your workplace, go to get a lacquered finish, since it ensures higher resistance to wear and tear.

After making all the above choices and completing the flooring job for your home office, you will have the ability to enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting flooring which is not difficult to clean. You will only need to hover it and wash it with a damp mop once or twice a week. Unless you’ve got heavy footfall, it’s essentially all you need.

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